Any black man will do.

Any black man will do.

Iblack suspect wanted 259x300 West Virginia Newspaper: Black Man Wanted for Some Suspicious Activityf you happen to be a black man living in West Virginia these days, bad water isn’t all you have to worry about. Apparently there is an APB out on you. No black man in particular; any black man will do.
They want you for participating in some “suspicious activity”.
That is so vague. I mean “suspicious activity” could be anything for crying out loud.
That’s why this is somewhat problematic for men of color in that state. Unless, of course, you happen to be a well known black man in West Virginia. (Whatever happened to Major Harris?)
For instance, you might be walking down the street and minding your own business, but because you happen to have a copy of the Wall Street Journal you get arrested. Yes you could; because in West Virginia a black man reading the Wall Street Journal just might be viewed as “suspicious.” Do you see where I am coming from? This is messed up on so many levels.
Oh well, this is all just a sign of the times. The more things change…..
But here is a scary thought: A few years ago, before the Internet and social media, this wouldn’t even have been a big deal. Just business as usual here in some parts of America.
Good ole boys and gals would meet in the town square and exchange pleasantries about the whole thing.
“Hey, you seen any suspicious Negroes, lately?” “Nah, not yet, although I did see one down at the Piggly Wiggly and he was checking out mighty fast.” “What he look like?” “Bald, dark skin, bout 5’10’ 5’11’.” “Did you get his license plate number? We might have to inform the sheriff about this.”
Oh lord! Hey, at least it’s not Oklahoma.

Any black man will do.
field negro
Thu, 16 Jan 2014 02:19:00 GMT

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