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622.pngHue-Man Update 622.png
August Events
Hope you Missed Us…..
SPASALON180G1_KettleCandleTowel_PMspa_2.jpgHey Hue-Man Family….so glad to be back….

If you missed us in July….you are right….it was way too hot to think…Hope you all made it through the heat wave and are now convinced that global warming…could be REAL…Anyway, we are back….just a little rest and relaxation was in order….We know our website can take all your orders 24 hours a day so it was okay to sneak out..right? But, check out what we have for August and try a little travelling yourself….change the conversation….and the perspective. If any of the books in this email excites you, just click the picture..and come see us online or we’ll see you at one of our fabulous events soon…


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