Six fast facts about Ramadan


This Saturday, over 1.5 billion Muslims will begin a 29-day fast for the month of Ramadan, one of the holiest times on the Islamic Calendar.

Six fast facts about Ramadan
Sat, 27 May 2017 11:00:00 GMT

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What makes Trump attractive to so many Americans?


Marwan Bishara explains Donald Trump’s attractiveness as a US presidential candidate.

What makes Trump attractive to so many Americans?
Tue, 29 Nov 2016 12:41:21 GMT

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Hate Crimes: 7 People Stabbed By White Supremacist Skinheads At Sacramento Capitol


California Capitol Stabbings

Several Stabbed In Sacramento At White Nationalist Recruitment Rally

According to the LATimes, protesters took it to the next level in Sacramento when coming face-to-face with people who will likely be voting for Donald Trump in November…

The white nationalists and skinheads, clad in black, began to arrive a little before noon Sunday for their planned march on the state Capitol grounds. They were met by hundreds of protesters toting signs that denounced “Nazi scum.”

Violence began almost immediately, authorities and witnesses said, and by the time the clashes ended 20 minutes later, at least seven people had been stabbed, nine were hospitalized and many more suffered bruises, scrapes and cuts.

“They attacked each other without hesitation,” said counter-protester Chandra Zafra, 50, a member of the Mexica Movement nonprofit. “It was a war zone.”

For much of the afternoon, the historic domed Capitol was locked down, with staffers and tourists inside. Police swarmed the park-like grounds, but by Sunday evening there had still been no arrests.

Crowds erupt into chorus – “Nazi go home.”

— Jazmine Ulloa (@jazmineulloa) June 26, 2016

This was just beginning of things getting out of hand…

Insane video. Crowd sees any signs of “Nazis” and they run&attack. A lot of people bleeding/getting maced. @ABC10

— Frances Wang (@ABC10Frances) June 26, 2016

Yeah, isht got REAL.

VIDEO: Police stepping in to stop a man from being attacked. @ABC10

— Frances Wang (@ABC10Frances) June 26, 2016

If these hate groups think folks are just gonna lay down and be docile in the face of bigotry and racism then they got another think comin’…

Image via Twitter/AP

Hate Crimes: 7 People Stabbed By White Supremacist Skinheads At Sacramento Capitol
Mon, 27 Jun 2016 13:28:36 GMT


Photos: A Brooklyn Navy Yard Cemetery Has Become A Park


Brooklyn’s newest public park rests four feet above what was once a burial ground—not so uncommon, as plenty of our city’s parks were formerly potter’s fields. The Naval Cemetery Landscape sits at the Southeast edge of the Navy Yard and is comprised of wide, gently-curving platforms that allow you to walk around 1.7 acres of overgrown, grassy space along the border of Wallabout Bay. For nearly 80 years, that space functioned as the cemetery for the Brooklyn Naval Hospital; according to the Brooklyn Greenway Initiative roughly 2,000 people were buried there between 1831 and 1910. [ more › ]

Photos: A Brooklyn Navy Yard Cemetery Has Become A Park
Scott Heins
Thu, 26 May 2016 14:40:00 GMT


Rahm Emanuel Will Only Introduce One-Third of Suggested Chicago Police Reforms


U.S. Conference of Mayors Holds Winter Meeting In Washington, D.C.

Chicago residents have been demanding Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s head since a video of Chicago police officers shooting and killing 17-year-old Laquan McDonald was released in December. In response to the controversy, Emanuel commissioned the Police Accountability Task Force to investigate his own police department, and earlier this month, the task force found that the Chicago Police Department was “plagued by systemic racism” and that people of color had good reason to mistrust police. Based on these findings, Emanuel has announced he’ll make some changes to the police department — but so far he’s only planning to implement about one-third of the task force’s recommendations. 

According to the New York Times, Emanuel has immediate plans to facilitate community meetings in which Eddie Johnson, the new police superintendent, will discuss race, bias, and other issues with residents. He’ll also increase crisis-intervention training for both officers and 911 dispatchers to better enable them to spot signs of mental illness and set up an early intervention system (complete with anonymous hotline) to identify officers who break rules.

Together, however, these changes only represent about 30 percent of the “76 specific recommendations” the task force made to improve policing in Chicago. In particular, critics have been quick to point out that Emanuel has no plan in place to overhaul the department’s Independent Police Review Authority, which is in charge of investigating police shootings and severe misconduct.

In its review, the task force found major flaws in the authority: “Cases go uninvestigated, the agency lacks resources, and IPRA’s findings raise troubling concerns about whether it is biased in favor of police officers,” it wrote. Although city officials have said they’ll consider “options for structural reform” and Emanuel wants to audit the IPRA’s past findings, advocates are pushing for a truly independent civilian police-monitoring authority.

Emanuel told the Chicago Sun-Times that he doesn’t want to make any hasty moves. “If you’re going to make changes, you don’t want the Justice Department coming and saying, ‘You got that wrong. Now, do it again,'” he said. “Nothing can be worse than trying to do this twice.”

Rahm Emanuel Will Only Introduce One-Third of Suggested Chicago Police Reforms
Claire Landsbaum
Fri, 22 Apr 2016 03:38:00 GMT


Homeowner Shoots Teen Breaking Into Home And Ignorant Family Of Deceased Say “How’s He Supposed To Get His Money?” [Video]



Homeowner Shoots Teen Breaking Into Home And Ignorant Family Of Deceased Say “How’s He Supposed To Get His Money?” [Video]
Sun, 20 Mar 2016 14:20:29 GMT


Actor in upcoming Broadway musical has gone missing in Bronx


An actor in the upcoming revival of a historic Broadway musical has gone missing.

Actor in upcoming Broadway musical has gone missing in Bronx
Sun, 14 Feb 2016 03:46:52 GMT